Hi   I'm   Bailey,

Hi, I'm Bailey. I'm a solo web developer and game dev. I'm currently working on a project named Late Revision. I enjoy creating things that are fun, useful & make life more convenient. I also enjoy learning new things. I mainly use 2 languages Python & C#. (Python is my favorite by far)

I use Django to create my web projects & I use unity or godot for any game development projects. I use git for version control. I either use digital ocean or heroku to host my projects. You can check out my Codepen here and my replit account here

My   Projects is a simple website for keeping track of the time & a simple to use time API for getting the current time in the UK

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The Thriller

The Thriller was a game built in a week with a friend for Replit's Kajam game jam. Your aim is to get on a ride named "The Thriller", however you are too short. Discover NPCs & Shops to find your way on. Will you get on The Thriller?

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